For the shipment costs below:

  • Mailbox orders in the Netherlands: 4,50 euro
  • Parcel box orders in the Netherlands: 7,25 euro
  • Mailbox orders in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg: 9,25 euro
  • Parcel box orders in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg: 13,50 euro
  • Mailbox orders in the other countries: 17,50 euro
  • Parcel box orders in the other countries 37,50 euro

Each shipment is at own risk of the customer. Fabrikten is not responsible for caused damages during the shipment. Also delay in transport is something Fabrikten is not responsible, as third parties are involved. We pack and ship all of our products with love and care to make sure you’ll experience that happy ‘getting a present’-feeling.

 Delivery time
The delivery time for all packages in the Netherlands is 2-3 working days. For delivery outside of the countries mentioned above there will be needed some more days.

As soon as the payment has received you’re also able to pick up your ordered products for free. However, this is only possible after scheduling an appointment with one of the Fabrikten-employees.

When the ordered product(s) don’t match your wishes and/or expectations you have the right to return the product(s) within 7 working days after ordering. Please also contact us in time at Please send the item unharmed and well packed return to us. The delivery costs or for the customer. When the item has received well and is approved to be ok by us, we will make sure you’ll receive the purchase amount within a couple of working days.

 Order didn’t arrived?
For not receiving an ordered mail box order Fabrikten isn’t responsible. Therefore ordering of a mail box order is on your own risk.

When you haven’t received our parcel box order(s) please let us know your situation (and please also communicate your order no) via We will contact you asap and we will send you another product (when available) or make sure you will receive the purchase amount.

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