How nice of you for being interested behind the brand. Let me introduce myself, my name is Maartje Bregman, a graphic designer with a passion for (interior) design, typography and colour. 
I developed my passion furthermore during my studies in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. During those eight lovely years I had to ablity to ‘taste’ all of the disciplines of Graphic Design. Because of my fascination for (graphic) design I created my own design label; Fabrikten. A new design label where ‘you can eat your heart out’ for trending design products, mostly handmade out of durable materials. A label where all stakeholders win. That’s what Fabrikten is all about!


Love for design and experience

Our mission is to inspire and to make design lovers, like you, happy. We believe that the total experience of design and photography until delivery counts. Therefore Fabrikten is known for its lovely and carefully packing and sending of our products. We’ll make sure you will experience that happy ‘getting a present-feeling’ anytime.



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VT wonen 2016 – Nummer 2
VT wonen 2016 – Nummer 7
Telegraaf, Vrij magazine – Augustus 2016